Our family business, established over the past 4 centuries, is situated in the heart of the highly acclaimed wine-growing community of Maikammer. Three working generations presently unify the past, the present and the future under one roof.

As a family winery we see our craftsmanship as a living tradition, working in harmony with nature; our aspiration, the pinnacle of quality.
– Harald Ziegler

Year after year numerous awards and achievements reward us for our hard labours. These results are essential to us, they both confirm and justify our chosen path. 


Wine is our passion, quality the maxim. The vineyards represent the backbone of our daily work. Vigorous vines produce the healthiest of grapes and in combination with the soil and the climate, enhance the wines` resulting character. Nature at its purest!


Each wine is an individual, as are our family members and our wine enthusiasts. 

Our Collection is one of diversity and a multitude of variety. It is a reflection of our personal focus, one of pleasure and enjoyment.

A flourishing vineyard is fundamental for wines of character. Most significant for us; the painstaking work done both by hand and in hand, with nature.
– Uwe Ziegler


The Estate is currently run by the Ziegler brothers Harald and Uwe, actively supported by their children Frederic, Lucas, Anna-Lea and Milena. Grandfather Herwarth and his sister Erika complete the picture, always around to provide professional know-how and advice when need be. 

Milena Ziegler

My enthusiasm and fascination for wine, this sensitive and complex natural product, were surely put into my cradle at birth. My motivation lies in the never-ending interaction with nature which makes our work so exciting, so colourful and fulfilling.

Frederic Ziegler

In my opinion it was not only the proximity to nature, but also the perfect combination of Craftmanship and sound intuition, which made my chosen profession so attractive – The Winemaker.

Herwarth Ziegler

Not a day goes by where I do not experience an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction and gratitude, when I see not only both my sons, but also my Grandchildren collectively taking our Family Wine-Estate into the future. 

Uwe Ziegler

For me personally, the greatest honour is being able to pass on my knowledge and fascination for nature and wine to future generations. I am proud to have trained more than 45 winemakers. 

Harald Ziegler

Refreshing for me are the in-depth conversations with people who share my passion for wine. Even more satisfying though and confirmation of our philosophy, is when they share the same enthusiasm for our wines.

Erika Ziegler

For generations, the focus in all our endeavours has been upon our family, our wines and retaining respect for our own traditions.

Lucas Ziegler

Each wine has its own character influenced by the soil on which it grew, the winegrower himself and the vitality of the vineyards themselves. Our job is to capture it all in a bottle.

Anna-Lea Ziegler

Wine to me is not just enjoyment and pleasure with all its diversity. Something I came to appreciate during my term as Wine Princess of Maikammer, was the way it unites the generations, their own personal opinions and ofcourse, their experiences

The expression “family winery” is something we literally embrace. Three generations may have different opinions and of course, a wealth of experience, but we all strive one goal; an aspiration for the most pleasurable of wine experiences.
– Herwarth Ziegler


We can look back on 300 years of family and winery history and although we have always gone with the times, one focal point has accompanied us right from the beginning: 

Our aspiration for the highest of quality. 


Our picturesque region will exhilarate you: to your feet lie the plains of Germanys famous Rhine Palatinate with their sea of vines and behind you, the peace and serenity of the forest. A region capable of fulfilling all desires: from leisure activities, regional culinary delights through to breath-taking countryside. The spice of life for everyone seeking pure, unique indulgence.


"Wine is our passion" -and we hope it`s catching! 

Feel free to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. 

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August Ziegler Weingut KG

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67487 Maikammer / Weinstrasse


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