The Riesling represents 22% of our total cultivation area...

Sauvignon Blanc

(4% of total cultivation area)

Found in Germany since 1999, Sauvignon Blanc is considered worldwide as one of the best grape varieties on the scene of viticulture. Our particularly aromatic “Uwe Ziegler Sauvignon” is surely the result of the winemaker`s  encounter  with Sauvignons from the time he spent in New Zealand.


Characteristics and requirements:

The leading nation of cultivation is France, as is almost certainly it s country of origin. Almost half of the world`s 45,000 hectares are grown there. Other producers include Italy, Austria, Slovenia, South Africa, USA, Australia and New Zealand. The largest planting in Germany is found in the “Pfalz”. In 2004, 11 establishments were known to be cultivating this rather exotic relation in the region.


Characteristics and requirements:

Sauvignon Blanc grapes ripen towards the middle of the season, harvesting time depending on the aspired result. The grapes themselves are small, compact and cylindrical.
Optimal site conditions such as warmth retaining soils are necessary in order to obtain ideal maturity.

Soil quality however, takes a back seat. The less fertile, the better.  Vigorous growth increases disease potential making Sauvignon Blanc prone to fungal infection and downy mildew (Pernospora).


The wine itself:

Sauvignon Blanc can be divided into different categories:  early harvests produce predominantly vegetal aromas of freshly cut grass, hay and gooseberry. Later harvests with ripe to over ripe grapes, particularly if matured in oak casks, will present more peppery , herbaceous notes with a hint of black currant combined with elegant  minerality. In comparison to other internationally popular white grape varieties, acidity unfolds on the palate similar to the Riesling.