The Riesling represents 22% of our total cultivation area...


(3% total cultivation area)

We have been growing Merlot since 1995. The cultivation of this variety puts us on the international listing of Red wine producers and just goes to prove the diversity of possibilities we have here in the Pfalz.


Regional cultivation:

Although the Bordeaux region in France is known as the main cultivating country, it is also found in Switzerland (Tessin), Slovenia, Argentina, Chile and northern Italy.


Characteristics and requirements:

Merlot ripens fairly early, about the same time as St. Laurent. The grapes are thin skinned, medium in size with good pigmentation, but due to their delicacy, prone to rot and fungal disease. Good canopy management and selective work is vital here to achieve the desired and necessary quality. Otherwise, this is not a fussy candidate when it comes to site conditions, growing quite happily on light, warm soils. Such conditions will reduce the risk of late frost damage and encourage acidity reduction during maturity.


The wine itself:

A good Merlot will produce a delicate, yet full bodied, fruity red wine. Due to it` s naturally smooth tannins it is often used as a blend to complement other reds, already rich in tannin content.