"Wine is poetry in a bottle"

Brother's Harald and Uwe Ziegler

Three Generations

  • •Dating back to 1717, our estate winery has centuries of tradition and 8 generations of experience. Today, our winery is home to three generations living, working and celebrating together as a close knit community. Herwarth and Karin along with Herwarth` s sister Erika, have a right to be proud of what they have achieved, yet they handed over the reins to Harald and Uwe their sons, in 1997.
  • •The youngest generation is made up of Harald` s 3 children- Frederic, Lucas and Anna-Lea and Uwe` s daughter Milena. The girls are still at school but the young lads, Frederic and Lucas, are already working as vintners. The whole family contributes at events, be they on the estate or at exhibitions. All hands on board, one might say!