Federal Award of Honour for Weingut August Ziegler: Peter Bleser, German Federal Ministry of Food and Agrculture (l.), together with DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer (r.) hands over the Certificates and Medals to Frederic, Lucas, Harald, Milena and Uwe Ziegler (from l. to r.) in the presence of the German Wine Princess Laura Lahm. (Foto: DLG)

* * DLG Federal Wine Awards 2017 * *

Federal Award of Honour for Weingut August Ziegler (Pfalz - Paltinate Region)

DLG, 26.10.2017 The wine estate Weingut August Ziegler from Maikammer, Pfalz (Palatinate Region), has now won the Federal Award of Honour given by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The Federal Award of Honour is the highest honour that a German wine producer can receive for quality performance. Before this, the winery had achieved one of the best overall results at the Federal Wine Award competition of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society). Together with Peter Bleser, Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMEL, DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer presented Medals and Certificates to the winners at the Award Presentation Ceremony in Stuttgart.
"The award-winning wineries and winegrower cooperatives are among the best actors in the German wine sector and set quality standards for the entire industry. With a personal flavour and individual character, the wines and sparkling wines of Federal Wine Award holders reflect the wide range of climate conditions and soils and are distinguished by exceptional craftsmanship in the vineyards and in the cellars. Despite all their uniqueness and variety of tastes, however, the award winners all have one thing in common – their pursuit of quality from the grapevine to the glass”, stressed DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer in his laudatory address.

DLG Federal Wine Awards
The DLG Federal Wine Award test is the leading quality competition for German wines and sparkling wines. A special challenge of this competition is that the wines and sparkling wines have to qualify in advance for participation in the DLG Federal Wine Awards by passing the Official Tests and winning in the relevant regional wine award scheme. Every year DLG tests around 4,500 wines and sparkling wines from all German wine growing regions in four test rounds. Test results and further information are available at: www.dlg-bwp.de

First place in the DLG- TOP- 100 Wine Producers of Germany
The 16th consecutive Federal Award of Honour appointed the Weingut August Ziegler for the 10th time in ar row first place in the German Agricultural Society's listings of the 100 Best Wine Producers in Germany.

Portrait of the Wine Estate August Ziegler
“Quality is not a matter of chance” is a motto of the two winemakers Harald and Uwe Ziegler. There is probably no better way to describe their work, as the many years of consistent quality produced by the brothers are based on experience, hard work, and not least precise knowledge of the vineyard locations and soils in Maikammer and its surroundings. It is this essential knowledge, coupled with the long tradition of the Zieglers in winemaking dating back to the year 1717, that ensures that each vine variety with its specific characteristics is allocated to the matching terroir. Harald and Uwe Ziegler are always open to new ideas too. Accordingly they are interested in vine varieties such as the long underrated Scheurebe and show once again what potential it has. Together with Sauvignon blanc, which was newly introduced to the winery a few years ago after being tested in cultivation trials, a white wine cuvée was recently created. “Sauvignon blanc and Scheurebe produce a bouquet that unites fresh, greenish, and at the same time riper, yellowish fruity notes. This freshness and the fruitiness of slowly ripened grapes remind me of the place I come from, the Palatinate region”, says Harald Ziegler.