Federal Award of Honour for Weingut August Ziegler (Pfalz): Ministerialdirigent Eckhard Engert – Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (r.) together with DLG Vice President Prof. Dr. Achim Stiebing (l.) and the German Wine Queen Lena Endesfelder (in the middle) handed over the award certificate and the silver medal to Uwe (5th from left) and Harald Ziegler (6th from right) with families. (Photo: DLG)

* * DLG Federal Wine Awards 2016 * *

Federal Award of Honour in Silver for Weingut August Ziegler (Pfalz)

DLG, 27.10.2016 The winery Weingut August Ziegler from Maikammer (Pfalz – Palatinate) has been presented with the Federal Award of Honour in Silver. The Federal Award of Honour is the highest quality award in the German food industry. The eminent winemaking estate received the Federal Award of Honour in Silver by the German Federal Ministry of Food, and Agriculture (BMEL) for the second-highest all-round result in the Federal Wine Awards 2016. Ministerialdirigent Eckhard Engert together with DLG Vice President Prof. Dr. Achim Stiebing handed over at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden the medals and the award certificates to the prize winners.

“The award-winning wineries and winegrower cooperatives belong to the quality elite concerning wine and sparkling wine and can rightly count themselves among the quality ambassadors for German wine. With their passion, creativeness and professional skills, they are guarantors of the excellent reputation of German wine throughout the world”, said DLG Vice President Prof. Dr. Achim Stiebing in praise of the award winners.


DLG Federal Wine Awards

The DLG Federal Wine Award Test is the leading competition for German wines and sparkling wines. Stringent test criteria and a specially trained expert jury of wine connoisseurs from all German wine-growing regions make the Federal Wine Awards a challenging showcase for German wines and sparkling wines. Within the framework of this quality test, which has a more deep-rooted tradition than any other, DLG’s wine experts assessed some 4.500 wines and sparkling wines from the different wine-growing regions in Germany. All the results are published on the internet at www.DLG-Verbraucher.info


First place in the DLG –Top- 100 Wine Producer`s of Germany

Our 15th consecutive Federal Award of  Honour  appointed us for the 8th time in a row, first place in the German Agricultural Society`s listings of the 100 Best Wine Producer` s in Germany.


The August Ziegler wine-growing estate

Uwe and Harald Ziegler hold up high standards in their work and this is also true for their deep commitment to their vineyard. Since the end of the 1990s, the brothers Uwe and Harald have been managing the estate very successfully and make high demands of their own work. Where which vine flourishes is part of the knowledge handed down across the generations in the family. The long tradition of the Zieglers in wine growing, dating back to the year 1717, is closely connected with the precise knowledge concerning the vineyard positions and soils. Alongside the traditional Pfalz grape cultivars, the brothers are dedicated to innovative ideas with a few grape varieties that are exotic in this region. The programme includes aromatic Sauvignon Blanc that have enjoyed international recognition for a long time now, red wines from deep soils with a taste that reveals the experience behind them, and tangy white wines that dance on the tongue. The Zieglers are reliably at the top of the league of German winemakers in all fields. With Harald’s sons Frederic and Lucas, the youngest Ziegler generation is preparing for the varied and interesting profession of winemaker.